Song: Flaws Freestyle

Artist: Costry

Album: Single


[Verse : Costry]
Spitting on flaws nyasi sindifuna kuona kawili//
Only dropping the contamination that is killing //
I had to get in this freestyle to show you how am feeling//
In this moment am the total of your feelings coz once I start dropping em bars everything's gonna be fueled//
So you know the (filling) feeling//
Of walking on a narrow path but you just keep slipping//
Of trying to present yourself perfect so you keep (wrapping) rapping //
And if you keep going you'll notice that you can't breathe//
You choking on your flaws and nobody's allowed to know//
you take your truth as something threatening to your soul//
I feel the rapper in me kicking so I deliver a little something to save your soul//
Coz if you accept your flaws then the dam...age and everything is gonna go//
That is step 1 of change before you grow//
I just had to use this platform to let you know//
There is beauty in your scars if you let them show//
See the hardest pill to swallow is a bitter one
So I shout granade when I see you throwing shade//
Coz my confidence is sensitive
and am not about to let anything make it fade//
I guess me vs me is my biggest flaw so rapping on this beat just gave me that mental aid//
You see my look is not convincing without a fade//
one way or the other I got to find a way to clear my head//
So I spend most of my time meditating on what gatta better instead//
I say, First things first I gotta love me//
So no typa pressure is gonna make me pump high//
Now am looking to the beat and am saying done
Unless your got some typa drip to keep my flaws alive//
therapy session took me outa my feelings see I've never felt more alive //

Production Credits:

Production Credits Written by Costry Produced by Sir Odilo Recorded at Sir Odilo Enterprise studios Mixed at Sir Odilo Enterprise studios