Song: Tyler Herro

Artist: Code Rxdd

Album: Single

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Artist : Code Rxdd
Song : Tyler Herro

The ones that don't play my songs are just like me
U tell me what that means
They liked me better when i played their shit
And now that i'm on they show me hate
Pull a face when they hear my verse
Say "it's all love" when i know it's fake
Shouting me out when i know its vague
You rappers are scared for your place in the game
I don't care bout the price of fame
Cause regardless i'mma be a household name
I got mileage boy so i can't complain
No BJ but we getting a-head
Put it on God that we gon prevail
I be staying afloat cause my songs will sail(sell)
The clout U chase don't work for me
Same rap game but we not in sync

Whatchu know about me, who U know in the game that's coming like this
I don't got no airplays yet but these boys know i'm the next big thing
I'm going all in tryna chase my dreams
My peers are in search of J-O-B's
I'mma be an employer, the 9-5 don't work for me
I can't open new doors with the same old keys
So i'm growing out of the lame old things
I'm going all in, boy don't test me
Cause i'm gonna cuff U off-on-some Jedi Shit
Talking to God like Often
That's my G yeah
He already know what's popping
Put more plans in motion
Trust the process
I'm gonna learn from losses
3K for a sesh (session) n i kill it like i'm Andre
Light skinned nigga but my songs ain't light work
Rappers in the game are pretty wack and terrible
I came off the bench like a jerking substitute
No cap bro, i really got the attributes
Catching bodies overtime when U catching attitudes
"Going off" was a hit bro, that's not a fluke
I'm the young drake, i got plenty in my catalog
Got dope moves, i maneuver with a plug walk
Finna run game, got the squad in a task force
Came in the booth with a coffin and a hearse
Like I'm testing for anemia your blood is what i came for
Busy dropping bodies and i do it like a veteran
Man i got my shooters and they vicious like Taliban
Dropped one song and went ghost for years
Now I'm coming out the blue like I'm quitting as a Chelsea fan
Me versus y'all
I'm real nasty and dangerous
you're just
A lil close to Nasty (Nasty C) like Tellaman
I do this for the love of the game and the mula
I'm sick in the head like i gotta brain tumor
I was made for the stage n studio
With the pen and pad i'm a sick individual
One of a kind boy I'm far from the usual
God gave me a cosign and nobody can put me on
Strike-a-pose i really pose a threat
Take a chance i can't afford to wait
Ball like Tyler in the NBA
I'mma need

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Production Credits Format Written by Code Rxdd Produced by 23 On The Board