This year has been chaotic, to say the least. Thanksgiving came and went and now our eyes and hearts are pointing towards Christmas, and Same Team have gifted our eyes, hearts AND ears with “The Same Team Cypher.”

The Cypher consists of an impressive lineup that is; A’Chanza, Ayram, Beuce Africa, Blessed Citizen, eQ O’DALA, Hagios, Josh Ali, Josiah, Matthew Poet, Maurice, Penjani, Regenerate, S.O.G & TNO.

MassPlug was able to talk to producer and song writer Chizmo to learn more about how the cypher came to be, as we know this is considered to be the first major group project by Same Team, and we hope, the first of many.

“The main idea behind the Cypher is like the same idea behind same team, that is bringing different creatives together and pushing the arts together and also just unity in general, more especially the urban gospel sector. That’s what we aimed for, to bring together different guys and work towards one thing.” He explains that primarily the idea was to create projects together and although the Cypher doesn’t have everyone from Same Team there is good representation. “We thought a Cypher would be a good starting point.”

“The creative process was very good.” He says. “After the idea was presented to the group, they agreed and we had different beat makers send in beats. Cue one’s beat was given the majority vote and we started writing to it.” At this point now they started to organise recording dates for the Blantyre Collective and the Lilongwe Collective, With CEO heading up recording in Blantyre and Chizmo in Lilongwe. “it was a bit challenging, because people had different schedules, but we were able to meet, chill and record.”

“Recording during COVID was tricky.” He says. “But all of us were excited. We had talked about wanting to do something together for a long time and this was going to be the first major thing we’d do together.” He applauds the team by stating that the energy was good from the guys “Everyone was excited about it. From recording, all the way to the video. It was a great team effort.” The video was shot by Caper Shots MW. “We also had a lot of people helping out with the marketing.” There was certainly a lot of people involved

“It’s been fun.” He states. “For the team it’s been a great bonding experience and it gave us an opportunity to interact, we’ve been exposed to each other more and we’re getting to know each other better now, instead of just knowing each other by the title of rapper, singer, etc. We’re getting to know each personally.”

The Cypher is currently available on YouTube for viewing;

Watch part one”

Part two ”"

And part three ””

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