Inspiration comes in many forms, you can be reading this article and get inspired. Our Man Crush Music today was inspired by some of the greatest names in the industry and that birthed his upcoming project, Gifted Hands vol. 1, his upcoming mixtape that will consist of 23 tracks and will be selling for a minimum of K2000. Let me take you through what he had to say about his Music journey and the tape through this Q&A.

MassPlug: Is this your first project?

Yes, this is my first project in the Game since 2016 when I started off my music career.

MassPlug: Is there a story behind the mix tape?

The society has shown me a lot to share and instead of writing a Physical Book, I wanted to make Gifted Hands Vol.1 Mixtape as the Book.

MassPlug: Why 23 songs?

I was inspired by great artists growing up, so I would like to revisit the 90’s Hip-Hop era, where the likes of Greats like 2Pac Shakur, Jay-Z and other Great rappers were putting in a lot of tracks in one tape!

MassPlug: Do you have any singles released prior to this project?

Yes, I have a couple of singles but my latest single is "Want it all" and is available on all the major streaming platforms.

MassPlug: Tell us more about your music journey?

My career has been that of ups and downs because of the pressure people gave me to give out more content, but I feel like this is my learning stage, and I am getting to know the Music Industry at a larger scope and I strongly believe that as musicians we can become executives and be in boardrooms if we enter the Game with a mindset of purpose, not just to impress females in the Ghettos. Not to sound cliché but as an artist, one needs to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship and that’s why I have compiled my Mixtape which is coming soon!!! Not only to inspire but to actually mentor and show my fellow youngsters how we can become our biggest selves.

Uhuru Majomeka who is known by his stage name Itis Dill, is ready to feed you guys and do support him by buying his project or streaming it on some of the major platforms (Spotify, Deezer & Apple Music).

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