As a lot of upcoming artists are striving to earn their spot in the music industry, Ludo Kaey is playing in his own league, competing with himself. What separates him from the rest is uniqueness as seen in his recently released Extended Play, ME AGAINST MYSELF month end of January 2021, MassPlug caught up with the artist to get a grasp of what the EP is all about.

Ludo Kaey said this new release is something he has wanted to do for some time, citing growth and a skill test as the motives.

“There is no essence in competing with anyone. I’ve realized that it’s the battles in me that can make me grow compared to competing with others. Making an EP like this was one of my long-term objectives I had set when I just started music production, this was to make a playlist with an aim of testing my skills especially in beat making".

“It’s an issue of what I regard as the best music production against what I can make. I wasn’t imitating any established music producers out there, I just wanted to be me.” He said.

As a musician and producer who is setting on a path to define himself says he is very welcome to criticism.

“Feedback is very essential cause it will help me note which areas I must improve therefore shaping my career. Am open to constructive criticism and ignore destructive ones.”

Me Against Myself is Ludo Kaey’s second EP, it follows ELEVATION which was released in 2018.
Me Against Myself has seven tracks and features eight artists among them being; BAZZ, who many know from the Northern version of the UMP CYPHER 2019 and VII Andre who just recently released MZUZOO.

The artist says he particularly had fun when making “Drunk Texting”.

“One of my favorite songs in the project is Drunk Texting. From the composition, song writing and production stage, it was full of professionalism and creativity, I commend BIGHOMMIE HASHTAG on the vocals and Chawa Beats the mixing engineer, for the good work and effort they put in this song.”

The EP is for sale and also available for streaming on SoundCloud and audiomack, you can contact 0998 11 31 49 for copy and payment details.

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