Maxwell Kamoto, 20 years of age, is an afro artist who ventured into music after finishing his secondary education and thus far he has proven to be a great singer and producer.

"After my MSCE I had to find something with the aim of keeping me busy from other things that could destroy me and also an activity that could be generating a little cash to push my music."

Going under the moniker RATED, formerly Max G, recalled that his music journey began when he was in secondary school as he and his friends were writing songs off church and with the applause from his school mates he ventured into serious music composition.

The Afro-dancehall artist who is also a first year Textile engineering student at the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) told MassPlug that since spending more time in the studio, his artistry has been largely impacted positively as he has been exposed to a lot talent.

Kamoto pointed out that his main production inspiration has been AK and Sonye. He further pinned down Wizkid and Eli Njuchi as his artistic inspirations. Maxwell highlighted that in five years he sees himself taking over as a big music artist in Malawi and internationally.

He highlighted shortage of cash to incorporate a standard studio as one of his careers biggest challenge as his current charges do not meet his desired studio equipment. RATED urged his fellow up and coming artists as well as producers not to give up but to work hard towards their dreams;

"I don’t have a lot to say but always hard work yields something, include what you need in your prayers."

So far RATED has released four tracks and he is working on a big project. He encouraged his fans and everyone to keep on supporting him and he promised them a great deal of entertainment.

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