Redemption is a Reggae Dancehall artist who started doing music in 2012, following his mother’s footsteps who used to be a gospel singer.

He gained a lot of recognition from his hit song “Ah Nuh Me” which was premiered on Radio 2 FM’s Made On Monday program hosted by Joy Nathu.

The song was produced by Manzy from Sound System Records and had a guest performance from Kar Sir Blanca. It received a lot of positive reviews after its release, making it an instant crowd puller.

"The problem ah nuh me ndimomwe anaziikira/
Sellasie with me mi nuh stress man/
Makape zinyau kazisemani/
Mfana wa mu ghetto nditase man/
Manna blessed you can't curse man/"

The song talks about people’s mixed reactions on his music and life, highlighting that that’s how God intended it to be regardless of whatever happens.

Other notable releases include "Mama" produced by Thapsy (CK sparks records) in Mzimba, "Prayer" with Thapsy as well, "Nkazangogwira" ft Coley Africa produced by Jk Warrior (Alliance Records), "Enemy of progress" produced by Jk Warrior, "Zigoli" ft Emanel and Negus produced by Zuppah (Marvelous Records).

When we asked about his plans going forward, he responded that he is working on an EP;

“I am planning on working on an EP and I'm also planning on releasing videos this year, two of them are already set to be released (Zigoli and Nkadzangogwira). I also plan to work with other talented local artists as a way of boosting my talent”.


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