We often draw motivation from others who choose to share their stories for our benefit. Most times however, these are people who have not lived in our environments and had a close experience to what it is like to be from our part of the world and to fully understand the unique experiences that come with that status. I remember telling myself that there was no way that I could be open to a discussion about growing pains or looking at it from the point of view of any author or speaker because they are coming from different places from myself already meant we may be speaking a different language on the issue. In a more recent time, I stumbled on the book written by Aaron Mboma with the title “After I turned twenty-one”. My earlier guard immediately dropped because I was interested in reading about these things from someone who like myself has had a Malawian experience, so I found myself owning a copy of After I turned twenty-one.

The book has eight topics which bring a fresh perspective on issues that we may otherwise consider to be day to day issues that we do not pay much attention to. I remember staying up all night reading and nodding my head the entire time I read this book. I look back and think, that must have been because I finally saw myself in a book of this genre. I felt as though the author and I were having a conversation and that I was understood and heard. I could not stop myself from highlighting and sharing some of the texts that I found to be most inspiring from this book.

After I turned twenty-one is a book which even though based on the life experiences of the author does not throw the details of those experiences at the reader as though its purpose is to introduce the author to us. It rather grabs the attention of the reader to relate to those experiences and look at them in an organic perspective that is devoid of any kind of condescension or sanctimony. Aaron Mboma’s book will get you thinking about important life issues that we often overlook. I read this book and thought to myself; how often do I remind myself that knowing is not learning or of the power of my own mind or the scars that have stayed with me? The author makes talking about these things sound as easy as it gets. It is impossible to read this book and not be shaken to the core.

“More often, the saying, Life is a rollercoaster, has echoed through our ears to explain the nature of life. However, we choose to make meaning out of the phrase”. Using eloquence and clarity that can charm any reader, the author discusses life in eight topics that can wow not only the youth but also every person who has been through something, every person who is trying to make sense out of the happenings of life and every person who has walked through the stages of life. As said in the book, Life demands a deeper understanding of oneself and the issues that affect our lives and immediate environment.

Born in the year 1997, Aaron Mboma holds a bachelor of education in science degree. He is currently a teacher at Mount Sinai International school. His main interest is biology and has often been called a biologist by the day and writer by night. He is a voracious reader and writer who enjoys discussing science. He is an essayist who publishes his work on His work there includes “Don’t let grades fool you” and “Facts and theories in the scientific discipline”. He also writes and publishes poetry on Wattpad. After I turned twenty-one is his debut book which was launched this year on the 14th of March at the story club in his city of residence, Lilongwe.

Mboma is an independent writer. After I turned twenty-one can be purchased by reaching out to him through his email or on his phone: 0882624109.


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